Airbus A330


More than 1400 A330s have been built until now and this plane is still selling well. The A330-200 is a long-range aircraft and differs not only in fuselage length from the medium-range A330-300 but has also an enlarged vertical stabilizer.

The modelplane has phantastic flight characteristics. Due to its size the model flies stable and is absolutely easy to handle.




Powerplant:   Glow:              2  x  18  to  25 cc  (1.08  to  1.53  engines

                          Turbine:         2  x  75 N  (17 lbs.)  thrust

                          Ducted Fan:  2  x 120 mm 




Specifications:                                                                                                                                               Fiberglass parts : Norbert Rauch


                                       Span              Length                Wing Area                  Weight                                                       Foam cores:        ---


A330-200        3.77 m  (148’’)    3.69 m  (145’’)    141.3 dm²  (2190    18.5 kg  (41 lbs.)                                                     Retracts: Hawe-Modellbau

A330-300        3.77 m  (148’’)    3.98 m  (157’’)    141.3 dm²  (2190     19  kg  (42 lbs.)

                                                                                                                                                                        Basic Instructions:    


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